Yozan Miura (三浦鷹山 Miura Yōzan) is a character from Robot x Laserbeam. He is currently a first year student at a high school associated to Seiō University.

He is nicknamed The Samurai for his swift, swordlike hits, stoic demeanor, and perfect manners, all of which he learned as a former kendo practitioner.[1]


Youzan has black hair that is parted from the right side. His skin is darker than that of most other players, and he has blue eyes with a strong, determined glance.


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Lightning Fast Sword

A driving shot reminiscing a samurai's Iaidou in its swiftness and graceful effectiveness.


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  • “What do you mean, ‘why’? I love golf, and I can’t stand losing at my favorite thing. Do I really need a reason for that?”[2]


  • The first character of his first name, 鷹, means "hawk."
  • He is similiar to Daiki Aomine from Kuroko's Basketball.
  • He did Kendo before devoting himself to golf.


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