This is a list of chapters of the manga Robot x LaserBeam.


1 I Won't Play Golf
Release date: July 4, 2017
ISBN: 978-4-08-881185-7
Cover character(s):
Chapters list:
01. I Won't Play Golf
02. Morning Robo
03. Course Debut
04. Youzan Vs. Robo
05. Unease
06. Conclusion
07. Joining the Club
Summary needed
2 The Secret Behind the Laser Beam
Release date: October 4, 2017
ISBN: 978-4-08-881217-5
Cover character(s):
Chapters list:
08. Robo Vs. Rion
09. Snake
10. Quick Study
11. The Secret Behind the Laser Beam
12. Motivation
13. First Contact
14. Breakout of War
15. Declaration of War
16. Robo's Offense
Volume 2
Summary needed
3 The Battle's End
Release date: December 4, 2017
ISBN: 978-4-08-881282-3
Cover character(s):
Chapters list:
17. A Formidable Opponent
18. 2nd Pair, 5th Pair
19. In a Pinch
20. Second Half of the Game
21. The Plan
22. Counterattack
23. Group 1 to 4 Hole Out
24. The Battle's End
25. Post-Game Bath
Summary needed

Chapters Not Yet Released in Volumes

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