Robato Hatohara is the main character of Robot x Laserbeam. He is a first year student at EIAI Academy and has recently joined the Golf club at school. He was bullied as a child (not that he noticed until Tomoya told him) due to his unusual hair color that he received from his mother who is Scottish making him half Japanese and half Scottish[1]. His father is a Chef and owns a cafe that uses homegrown vegetables[2].


He has red hair, black eyes, and wears black rimmed eyeglasses.


Robo doesn't appear to have a personality. He very much does but not outwardly. He's mostly aloof, logical and to the point. He does not mince words.



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Tomoya Nakata

Nakata is one of Robato's closest friend. He approached Robato on his own and kept talking to him while other classmates decided to stay away.

Youzan Miura

He is Robato's rival and his motivation to play and be a better golfer.


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  • Robato is the Japanese pronunciation of Robert, which can be explained with his mother being Scottish as to why he has the name, Robert.
  • His nickname or the name that people call his is Robo or Robot in Japanese coming from both his name and personality.
  • He's good at arcade, but Kazama was bad at it.[3]
  • He won a toilet seat in a golf game at a golf tournament.[4]
  • He seems to like fried bread.


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