Morning Robo is the second chapter of the Robot x Laserbeam manga.


As Youzan keeps thinking of meeting the player with the perfect sound, a still surprised Shintaro asks Robo to join the golf club. Robo reiterates that he does not know anything about golf, and that all his experience comes from shooting balls during breaks at his father's workplace. Furthermore, Robo is still uninterested in joining the golf club, as he does not understand what’s fun about competing with and beating rivals. 

When Shintaro asks Tomoya about the occupation of Robo’s dad, he is surprised to hear he does not do anything related to sports, but is instead a chef at a restaurant that uses homegrown vegetables. On the way to picking vegetables, Robo asks his father whether golf is fun, and he replies that he was so hooked it made his mother angry. Robo mutters that he won’t do something that makes his mother mad. While his father picks vegetables for the restaurant, Robo shoots golf balls into a basket as he always does, while his dad remarks to himself that his sound is different and filled with emotion.  

Upon arriving at school, Tomoya shows Robo that the latest issue of Weekly Golf Digest features Youzan Miura, a golf player their age who had practiced kendo before and thus has a swing swift like a sword attack, a stoic demeanor, and perfect manners that have earned him the nickname of “the samurai.” He tries to use this to invite Robo to join the Golf Club once more, but Robo cannot understand how one thing bears relation to other. Instead, Tomoya invites Robo to shoot golf balls with a driver, a club that would allow him to shoot the longest distance. Despite Robo disagreeing, Tomoya takes him, planning to make Robo realize how fun golf can be. 

Tomoya and Robo arrive at the same driving range where Youzan had heard Robo before. Youzan has been returning there every day for a week to try to find the mysterious player, with no success. Right as Tomoya and Robo arrive, a defeated Youzan leaves, thinking he will surely meet the player in a tournament someday. 

As Youzan walks just outside the range, Robo shoots the first laserbeam that makes him rush back in to find him. Meanwhile, Robo tells Tomoya to make the next shots, as he is going to the bathroom. Youzan arrives to the spot where Robo’s straight ball had been shot from while Robo is gone, and challenges Tomoya to a match against him. 

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